We are proud to present you with the option to RE-Service Contract your vehicle!
We are also offering a service contract for a limited time on top of the warranty with
the purchase of select vehicles! Please Click our *RE-Service Contracts* link and read more!

Please provide all the requested information. When you have completed the form,
press the Submit button to send us your application for processing. You will hear back from us with-in (1) business day or less.

Primary Applicant
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Quick Assessment
Have you financed a car before?: Yes  No
If you think your credit score may be less than Good,
what is the maximum amount of money you can put down?
Typically, scores below 640 in this economic climate will generally
require money down, however you may not be required to put money down at all. We only like to provide an honest assessment of what you can do and we can do for you.   
Money Down:

Please use this notes area to give us a quick description of
what financing terms and vehicle you are trying to obtain and any
additional information you would like us to have.
Example: 4x4 SUVs between 6000 and 10000 for under $200/mo -OR-
let us know the specific vehicle(s) that your interested in.

If you have a trade-in that you would like to have considered,
Please click our "Trade Appraisel Form", and complete that form as well.
Check this Box to Ensure us that you are allowing us to pull your Credit Information:
*Alimony, child support or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.

By pressing the Submit button, this statement is submitted to obtain credit and I certify that all information is true and complete. I authorize The Used Car Factory to verify or obtain further information
that The Used Car Factory may deem necessary concerning my credit standing.
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